Infertility treatment

IVF is modern and the most effective method for resolving the infertility problem

Consultations on fertility issues:

Infertility is deficiency in pregnancy while regular sexual life of the couple without any contraception means within one year. For women under 35 this period is shortened to half a year as the age is one of the most important factors, defining fertility (ability to conceive).

During the last decade the problem of infertile couples became front and center both in medical and social aspects.

The most active period for conception is within the age of 20-35. After the age of 30 the ability to conceive decreases significantly. At the age of 35 the chances to conceive for a woman are 2 times lower than at the age of 20, and by the age of 40 the possibility of spontaneous pregnancy is equal only to 10% comparing to the age of 20. Men’s fertility begins to decrease slowly after the age of 40. That is why the faster a couple will apply to the physician, the better chances it will have for success! During initial consultation a physician of reproductive medicine gets acquainted with the couple and holds conversation, allowing to make presumptions concerning possible reasons of infertility, to plan further steps in examination and treatment. The physician gathers thoroughly anamnesis, reviews all available information (results of analysis, medical records), so don’t forget to take everything with you!